• PMR Insight: Liberty Global struggling in CEE

    PMR Insight: Liberty Global struggling in CEE  Liberty Global, a CaTV operator active in 14 countries, has released its financial report for the first half of 2014. In Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) the total revenues of the company rose only by 1.9% year-on-year to $579.9m (€432.76m) compared to $569.3m (€424.85m) reported a year earlier. It seems that Liberty Global… »

  • WiFi at hotels is free in CEE countries

    WiFi at hotels is free in CEE countries The study conducted by the software company Kayak, shows that majority of hotels all over the world offers free WiFi directly in the hotel rooms or in a lobby. Availability of this service became an important factor for customers looking for a place to spend their vacation. That is why the owner of the Kayak travel search engine analysed… »

  • Illegal software remains popular in CEE

    Illegal software remains popular in CEE Global Software Piracy Study shows that 51% of software applications installed on Polish computers do not have the adequate licenses. It is not only caused by the intentional piracy, but often can be blamed on companies’ poor software management. Only one in three businesses globally has implemented the written rules preventing them from… »

  • New technologies in mobile phones

    New technologies in mobile phones An international research agency commissioned PMR to conduct a study on telecommunications services in Poland. The project concerned mobile phone usage in persons aged 14 to 65. »

Expert view

Romanian IT exports well exceed domestic IT spending

Paweł Olszynka
Head IT&Telecoms Analyst, PMR

  According to PMR, the domestic IT market in Romania was worth €946m in 2013, which represents a 3.9% increase in comparison to 2012. The rate of market growth was the lowest one registered in the last three years, indicating that projects, postponed during the economic crisis in 2009-2010 and re-launched in 2011 and 2012, were not yet driving the sales of IT vendors. Last year, the Romanian IT market completed its post-crisis recovery cycle and its… »

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Browse through our extensive data and information concerning IT market value, segments, events, forecasts and key players. Take advantage of PMR’s reports on emerging trends and opportunities for software, IT hardware and IT services.

PMR experts take care to regularly deliver the most recent and reliable news, data and analyses about the IT market in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia and Ukraine. For industry professionals – from whether global corporations or locally active IT companies – we provide data about:

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Observe both the current situation and future developments on the fast changing telecommunications market. Boost your telecoms business growth by using in practice knowledge on this key sector in the CEE and CIS regions.

Review important news, analyses, facts and figures about Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia and Ukraine. Read more about:

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The available market information contains:

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Monitor latest trends and market potential regarding the e-commerce market in Central Europe, Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia and Ukraine – these countries should be included in each business plan for developing e-commerce business. PMR experts observe the markets in each of these countries, continually providing our clients with relevant information about:

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Acquire in-depth and up-to-date knowledge about the IT and telecommunications markets and their growth potential from the latest PMR reports. »


Review market information, sector analyses, as well as statistical dashboards available for the IT / telecoms sectors in Bulgaria. »

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Monitor the most important developments occurring on the IT and telecommunications markets in the Czech Republic. »


Discover the current situation, trends and development forecasts for the IT and telecommunications markets in Hungary. »


Read about Poland’s market for IT software, hardware, services, fixed-line and mobile telephony; as well as e-commerce and multimedia. »


Gain broader knowledge about the current state and future trends in the IT and telecommunications sectors in Romania. »


Broaden your knowledge about IT software and hardware segments, as well as fixed-line and mobile telephony, in Russia. »


Examine how the mobile and fixed-line telecommunication market and the IT market segments are changing in Slovakia. »


Read recent and reliable news, analyses and statistical data on the IT and telecoms sectors in Ukraine. »


Choose an educational event from IT sector or telecommunications sector that best fits your professional development goals – select from the sector-focused conferences, workshops, webinars and exhibitions presented here.

The events PMR has selected are useful for professionals doing business in Central and Eastern Europe or in the Commonwealth of Independent States. All of them examine in detail the present state and future trends of the ICT market segments found in these regions.
For the convenience of our visitors, we deliver useful information about the meetings:

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Learn more about the IT and telecoms sectors with all their key segments, such as software, hardware, services, data transmission, ISD, multimedia, fixed-line and mobile telephony. Develop thorough ICT market knowledge about the CEE and CIS regions.

PMR’s glossary describes IT and telecoms terminology and reveals the meanings of important sector abbreviations. You can find out:

  • what the terms BSA, SAC, DLISP and USSD mean
  • how the mobile telephony penetration indicator is calculated
  • what the key characteristics of cloud computing are
  • what are the various types of data centre operators
  • who the most important IT / telecoms associations are
  • what differentiates private versus public clouds
  • what criteria are used in tier classification of data centres.