Value (PLN billions) and growth rate (%) of the IT market in Poland, 2012-2017

- According to our calculations, the IT market in Poland was worth PLN 30bn in 2016, having contracted by 3.9% compared to the prior year. It was the first decline since 2009, when the world was in the throes of the global financial crisis. We expect the market to return to positive growth in 2017.

- EU funds for business development remain the single most important driver of the Polish IT market. In a survey of more than 100 leading IT firms in Poland carried out by PMR in Q2 2017, nearly 40% of interviewees mentioned EU funds as a key factor that will support IT market growth in the immediate future.

- Our respondents also expect increased IT investments in the public sector. It is worth noting that the percentage who think that spending on IT in the central government sector will rise – translating into higher revenue for IT providers – has more than doubled since 2016 and now exceeds 30%.

- Three in four respondents (74%) are convinced that a new wave of IT tenders will begin in the public sector in 2018 at the latest. Of this group, more than a fifth (24%) expect the upturn to begin already this year.