Analyses for ICT (IT & telecommunications) market

  • VoIP an answer for the business segment

    According to the PMR report “Telecommunications services for the business and carrier segment in Poland 2013. Market analysis and development forecasts for 2014-2017”, the number of VoIP lines in the business segment in Poland has seen constant growth in recent years, to… »

  • CIS countries awaiting broadband and mobile networks expansion

    Telecom markets in the CIS countries have several common characteristics. First of all, mobile voice telephony markets have already reached their maturity or are quite close to being matured, both in terms of sales revenues and subscriber numbers. Conversely, the ISP segment –… »

  • Services drive growth on Polish IT security market

    Over the past few years the IT security market in Poland has been seeing a stable growth trend. According to the PMR report “IT security market in Poland 2014. Growth forecast for the years 2014-2018”, one of the reasons for this is the dynamic expansion of the services… »

  • Key trends in the Polish telecommunications sector in 2013

    In Q3 2013 PMR conducted its annual survey of the largest companies operating in the Polish telecommunications sector. This was already the 12th edition. As in previous years, the primary objective of the research was to collect information on the current situation on the Polish… »

  • Market of carrier and business telecoms services worth PLN 16.7bn in 2013

    Following a period of stagnation in 2011, the revenues of telecoms operators in Poland from their wholesale and business segments in the years 2012-2013 have returned to declining trends. According to a report by PMR, “Telecommunications services for the business and carrier… »

  • Russian data centre market remains rapidly growing

    The demand for data centre services Russia has been rapidly growing over the last few years, driven by the development of corporate IT systems and demand for backup services for the growing volume of data. By far the most popular service offered by Russian commercial data… »

  • Prognozy dla rynku telekomunikacyjnego w Polsce na lata 2013-2017

    Polski rynek telekomunikacyjny jest rynkiem dojrzałym, który pomimo rosnącego nasycenia, silnej konkurencji i ograniczonych możliwości wzrostu przychodów, nadal gwarantuje operatorom relatywnie wysoki poziom rentowności. By odpowiedzieć na rosnące oczekiwania klientów,… »

  • Telecoms and energy companies cooperation in Central Europe

    Telecommunications operators in Central Europe (CE) keep on searching for new revenue sources and diversification of the portfolio of services offered. Operators are increasingly interested in the provision of value-added services, ICT services, developing their own commercial… »

  • E-commerce market in Poland noticed 15% growth and PLN 24bn-plus in 2013

    Online shopping is driven by a wide range of motivations. There is a group of consumers who shop online on a regular basis and there are also casual shoppers encouraged by promotions to try shopping on the online retail channel. The results of PMR’s survey show that the key… »

  • Trends in the IT market in Poland: IT security

    “IT security” is a very broad term and, as PMR’s research shows, can be interpreted in many different ways. However, in the light of growing demand for remote access, mobility and cloud computing solutions, the question of IT security is gaining more and more importance.… »