Analyses for ICT (IT & telecommunications) market

  • INFOGRAPHIC: IT market in Poland 2015

    The infographic presents interesting information about the IT market in Poland and opinions of market players, which for the purposes of this document has been selected from the latest PMR report "IT market in Poland 2015. Development forecasts for 2015-2020". The data shown in… »

  • Mobile telephony services in Poland in 2015 – where gold is hidden

    The structure of the telecommunications market in Poland is stable. As every year, mobile operators' performance exerts a decisive influence on the market situation and, consequently, on the market's rate of change. According to PMR calculations presented in the report… »

  • Telecom networks development in Russia

    Over the last three years or so the Russian telecoms operators have been focusing the investments on closing the gaps in the regional coverage, reliability improvement as well as on the upgrade of older coaxial cable networks to fibre-optic lines, reports PMR in its latest… »

  • The telecoms market in Poland will grow by 1.8% in 2015

    According to PMR forecasts presented in the latest report “Telecommunications market in Poland 2015. Development forecasts for 2015-2020”, the market of operator services in Poland will grow by 1.8% in 2015. In 2014 the market of telecommunications services in Poland was… »

  • Consolidation of the Russian telecoms market

    The maturity of the main segments of telecommunications services market in Russia creates favourable conditions for consolidation of the assets. On one hand there is less space for organic growth on the market and big companies are looking at the acquisitions to expand their… »

  • Cloud services in Poland – continued rapid growth

    Undoubtedly, the cloud computing market is one of the fastest growing segments of the IT market in Poland now. The number of customers taking advantage of cloud solutions has been growing, boosting vendors' revenue. The private cloud is the prevailing model. The Polish cloud… »

  • Improved business climate in the Polish IT sector

    The biggest IT companies in Poland perceive both last year and the present situation in the sector as relatively positive which is reflected in the rise in PMR's business climate index. Limited capital for IT investments in enterprises remains the key barrier to market growth.… »

  • Data centres in Poland with almost 100,000 m2 in area – highest result in CEE

    There was a number of significant events on the data centre market in Poland last year. The most important one was, undoubtedly, the unsuccessful attempt to take over ATM, a company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and the market leader. Another major event was the… »

  • IT market in Russia – current situation and forecasts for 2015

    The difficulties of the Russian economy in H2 2014, political and economic confrontation of Russia and Western countries and the changes of exchange rate were not the main drivers of last year’s market development. The stagnation of IT sales in the country was observed already… »

  • Cable TV market in Poland – key trends

    According to estimates by market research company PMR, in 2014 almost 78% of households in Poland used pay TV services, including those provided through digital platforms and cable TV networks or by telecoms. This penetration level does not include subscribers who use the… »