Analyses for ICT (IT & telecommunications) market

  • Poland leads the data centre market in Central and Eastern Europe

    Poland is the largest data centre market in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). In 2014 out of approx. 300,000 m2 of gross space, 36% accounted for Poland. The CEE market remains developing fast, especially in terms of net floor space added each year. Last year saw a decreasing… »

  • Rynek call center w Polsce jest wart 1 mld zł

    Wartość polskiego rynku komercyjnych usług call i contact center to ponad 1 mld zł. Zasoby 30 największych firm w Polsce to ok. 15 tys. stanowisk telemarketerskich. Niezmiennie kluczowe znaczenie ma rozwój kanału telefonicznego. Z najnowszego raportu „Rynek call… »

  • Data centre market in Central and Eastern Europe: positive outlook for 2015

    Forecasts for the data centre market in Central and Eastern Europe remain positive. First signs of stagnations have been visible on colocation services segment, however, the whole data centre market will continue to be driven by managed services, cloud, disaster recovery and… »

  • Healthy growth of the Russian cloud computing market in 2014

    The cloud computing services market in Russia is at an early stage of its development. Most of the solutions available for Russian users in 2014 were introduced on the market in 2011 and 2012. It is still the case that many IaaS and SaaS providers in the country are small… »

  • Continued downward trend on the wholesale market

    According to PMR's report "Telecommunications services for the business and carrier segment in Poland 2014. Development forecasts for 2015-2018" the value of the wholesale market in Poland arrived at PLN 5bn in 2014. This means that in the last two years the wholesale market in… »

  • Most new connections are mobile

    Prior to 2013 the share of mobile internet services in the internet access market expanded rapidly. However, according to the analyses presented in PMR's report "Telecommunications market in Poland 2014. Development forecasts for 2014-2018", in the last two years the… »

  • Services in fixed-line networks under growing competitive pressure

    The telecommunications market in Poland has been increasingly affected by technologies for supplying services from beyond the fixed-line sector. This trend is noticeable on the markets of both pay television and internet access. The results of a survey conducted by PMR in ten… »

  • 20% growth of the Russian data centre market in 2014

    The services offered by commercial data centre facilities in Russia represent one of the fastest developing segments of the domestic ICT market. Last year, the value of the Russian data centre market went up by one fifth. Development forecasts for the next few year remain… »

  • Suppliers and clients on the call and contact centre market in Poland

    The Polish sector of call and contact centre outsourcing has been evolving towards less staff turnover in the biggest companies active on this market. Changes in consumer and technology trends have also been necessitating investments in upgrading the companies' own… »

  • Overview and key players on the Russian software market

    The decline of the Russian software market increased competition, particularly in those subgroups which have several strong players, with software vendors trying to take over the market shares of their rivals. Russian distributors are trying to optimise their businesses and to… »