Analyses for ICT (IT & telecommunications) market

  • Prognozy dla rynku telekomunikacyjnego w Polsce na lata 2013-2017

    Polski rynek telekomunikacyjny jest rynkiem dojrzałym, który pomimo rosnącego nasycenia, silnej konkurencji i ograniczonych możliwości wzrostu przychodów, nadal gwarantuje operatorom relatywnie wysoki poziom rentowności. By odpowiedzieć na rosnące oczekiwania klientów,… »

  • Telecoms and energy companies cooperation in Central Europe

    Telecommunications operators in Central Europe (CE) keep on searching for new revenue sources and diversification of the portfolio of services offered. Operators are increasingly interested in the provision of value-added services, ICT services, developing their own commercial… »

  • E-commerce market in Poland noticed 15% growth and PLN 24bn-plus in 2013

    Online shopping is driven by a wide range of motivations. There is a group of consumers who shop online on a regular basis and there are also casual shoppers encouraged by promotions to try shopping on the online retail channel. The results of PMR’s survey show that the key… »

  • Trends in the IT market in Poland: IT security

    “IT security” is a very broad term and, as PMR’s research shows, can be interpreted in many different ways. However, in the light of growing demand for remote access, mobility and cloud computing solutions, the question of IT security is gaining more and more importance.… »

  • The telecoms market in Russia is getting matured

    The Russian telecommunications market has become more matured. We expect that in the coming years annual growth rates will be lower in comparison to past years. We also expect some redistribution of the sales between main market segments. For example, the sales of fixed… »

  • IPTV, internet TV and video content development in Russia

    The total number of IPTV subscribers in Russia has already crossed 3 million mark. The service is developed primarily by the two biggest telecommunications operators in the country – Rostelecom and VimpelCom – and the investments in the construction of IPTV networks remain… »

  • Wybrane wyniki badania przeprowadzonego wśród największych firm działających w branży IT w Polsce

    Dział badań firmy PMR ( w II kw. 2013 r. przeprowadził na potrzeby tegorocznego raportu badanie wśród największych polskich firm działających w branży IT. Jest to dziesiąta edycja badania kadry kierowniczej największych firm informatycznych w… »

  • IT services usage in large companies in Poland

    Vast majority of large companies in Poland use services supplied by external IT providers. Cloud computing solutions and commercial data centre services are used less frequently. The issues of IT security are of great importance for companies. In the first half of 2013, we… »

  • Russian software market awaiting cloud expansion

    The sales of software licenses, related support services and SaaS solutions in Russia increased by 14% year on year to €3.3bn in 2012. The growth of the market was driven by further investments by Russian companies and the government in IT systems and infrastructure. The… »

  • Polish IT market reports stable growth

    The IT market in Poland went up in 2012 and it was the third consecutive year of the positive dynamics. The pace of growth slowed down somewhat and it was lower compared to 2011. Moderate and neutral opinions dominate among those expressed by biggest IT companies, which have… »