First effects of new strategy for R-Style

In May 2013 R-Style announced that it had completed an audit of the physical security of the IT infrastructure in MAN Russia. The purpose of this project was to pave the way for an upgrade of the client’s IT infrastructure in the future. MAN Russia is just one of the bundle of new projects the company acquired for implementation in 2013. In April 2013 R-Style completed the creation of a data centre for Electronic Moscow, a provider of data centre services. The total surface area of the newly-built DC is 3,000 m2. Earlier in April 2013 R-Style signed new agreements within the banking sector – with Bank of Moscow and Nefteprombank – which both decided on an upgrade of their core IT systems. All in all, after the publication of its results for 2012, R-Style announced ambitious plans for further growth in Russia and the CIS.

The main fields of the R-Style group’s activities in Russia are system integration (R-Style), manufacture of computers (R-Style Computers), maintenance services (R-Style Services), software for business (R-Style Softlab) and training services (Training Center of R-Style). Within the corporate sector, in 2012 the company focused mainly on the financial segment, particularly large banks. Within this segment, R-Style acquired 20 new customers, bringing the total number of its clients in the country to 400. Besides Russia, R-Style was also active in 2012 in the CIS countries, with projects in Belarus, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Armenia.

In its plans for further development, in Q1 2013 R-Style presented a new strategy for its presence on the market. The implementation of this strategy is designed to result in growth in the company’s revenues of 25-30% yearly, starting from 2013. Such growth is to be based not only on the core competences of R-Style, but also on diversification of its business, mainly into the government and corporate sectors. Meanwhile, the company has entered negotiations for the sale of one of its core businesses. One of the subsidiaries, R-Style Softlab, the leader in the financial sector, is supposed to be sold to Asseco Poland, which is ranked among the largest IT companies in Poland. In mid-May this year, the government has approved the sale transaction. Based on the recent information, it is suggested that Asseco Poland will acquire 70% of shares in R-Style Softlab. The remaining shares will remain with R-Style.

Another key aspect of the new strategy is regional expansion. R-Style plans to increase its staff in its regional offices and R&D Centres. The company is also declaring that it will not limit its growth only to Russia and the CIS countries. In the long term, R-Style is not ruling out potential takeovers on foreign markets.

A technological area which the company plans to actively develop, especially over the next three years, is Big Data, development of mobile solutions for business management and development of modern cloud data centres. One such project was mentioned above – the data centre set up for Electronics Moscow.

In line with the new strategy in April 2013 the company headquarters relocated to its new office in Moscow. Furthermore, the company is planning to reorganize and rebrand its integration services business. The aim of this project is to create a unique perception of the system integrator. As a result of the rebranding, the company will receive a single corporate identity for all its businesses and offices in Russia and the CIS. The new brand will be launched in the first half of this year.