Play provides LTE signal at 2100MHz

P4 has recently become the onlyPolish mobile operator which started to provide LTE signal at 2100 MHz frequency band, but the scale of its LTE network operation within the mentioned frequency is not significant. In fact, the operator treats this undertaking as a pilot project. The majority of Play’s LTE traffic is operated on dedicated network in the range of 1800 MHz, which is similar to 2100 MHz in terms of technical parametres. It should be noted that 2100 MHz band is dedicated to UMTS technology. Nevertheless, with increasing popularity of LTE, the 2100 MHz band will also be increasingly allocated to fast mobile data transmission in urban areas.  

According to the UKE, Play has received 122 radio licenses on LTE2100 transmitters so far. It should be noted that the UKE does not publish separate list for LTE2100 stations. Permits for them are included in the list of radio licenses UMTS2100.

Approx. 50% of the licenses owned by P4 (8,600) are technologically neutral and the remaining half is dedicated to UMTS. By comparison, T-Mobile has 8,200 radio licenses for 2100 MHz BTS, while Polkomtel is the owner of 7,200 and Orange posesses 4,600.