O2 Czech Republic separates into O2 and CETIN

As of 1 June 2015 the separation of O2 Czech Republic as two mutually independent companies has been in force. Therefore, there are now two new telecommunications companies with two different lines of business: the retail operator O2 and the wholesale infrastructure provider CETIN. The separation includes commercial and managerial leadership and management of both companies, including security, IT and control systems.
In other words, O2 and CETIN split the existing business of the original company O2 Czech Republic. CETIN will now focus on the planning, construction and operation of mobile networks, fixed broadband and optical infrastructure, including a nationwide high-capacity backbone network for all operators on the market. O2 will remain the leader in the Czech telecommunications market in the retail segment and telecommunications services to end customers.
In the official statement O2 assures that between O2 and its subsidiaries (including O2 Slovakia) on one side and CETIN and other companies from the PPF Group on the other hand there will not be any special relationships that could denying the purpose of separation.