84% of Polish smartphone users with Facebook Messenger

According to a research carried out by SerwerSMS.pl, Facebook application is the most popular messenger among Polish smartphones owners – it is used by 84% of them. The second place took Skype (36%) followed by WhatsApp (18.1%), Viber (17.9%) and Gadu Gadu (16.3%).

105447.pngDespite the popularity of messengers, SMSs still remain the main way of communication by smartphones users. The exception are iPhones users, of whom 60% more often use messengers than send SMS. However, the most popular OS in Poland are Android and Windows Phone - their  users prefer SMS (62% and over 75%, respectively).

The most preferred way of communications of smartphones users in Poland by OS (%), 2015
SerwerSMS.pl, 2015
Operating system Preferred way of communication
SMS Mobile messengers
Android 61.8 38.2
Bada 80.0 20.0
BlackBerry 62.5 37.5
iOS 40.0 60.0
Symbian 88.9 11.1
Windows Mobile/Phone 76.1 23.9
Others 86.8 13.2