Around 800,000 iPhones in the Czech Republic

Ten years since the launch of the first iPhone in Czech Republic, the number of Apple’s smartphones of all generations varies between 700.000 to 800.000, as reported by The Czech operators estimate the share of Apple smartphones users ranging between 5% and 9%.

At present, the most popular model is iPhone 5S (launched more than three years ago), while iPhone 7 has not even reached the top five. More than a half of iPhone users are under the age of 30. IPhone share is steadily growing. The sales of iPhones account for roughly 8% to 11% of all new handsets, while smartphones with Android are still the most popular.

As stated by O2 spokeswoman, Lucie Pechackova, iPhone users account for only 5% of O2’s mobile customer base, while the share of Android users reaches 42% of the company’s subscribers. An average iPhone user sends 161 SMS per month, while the figure amounts to 135 SMS for an Android user. An average time of calls per one iPhone user lasts 270 minutes and 254 minutes per one Android user monthly. Yet the most significant difference may be observed in the consumption of data: O2 user with an iPhone uses on average 1.1 GB per month, while a subscriber with Android smartphone uses only 470 MB.