Almost 1.8m mobile numbers transferred in 2016 in Poland

More than 1.75 million mobile numbers in Poland were ported to another network in 2016, according to data published by Office of Electronic Communications. The highest number of transferred numbers was observed by Play (P4 operator), which gained more than 295,000 net numbers. However, the result is much worse than the one achieved in the previous year, when the number of net additions reached 442,000.

At the same time, T-Mobile lost 307,000 numbers last year, a similar result to the one from 2015 (314,000). Another large Polish telco, Polkomtel, lost 97,700 numbers. On the other hand, Orange Polska, whose net losses amounted to more than 35,000 numbers in 2015, noted a gain of 27,000 mobile numbers in 2016.

The largest Polish MVNO, Virgin Mobile, acquired 52,700 net numbers (53,400 numbers in 2015). Another MVNOs which did well last year include: Premium Mobile (more than 8,500 net additions), Mobile Vikings and Netia.

Last year nearly 618,000 fixed-line numbers were ported to another network, with Orange recording the largest losses (137,500 numbers). T-Mobile (formerly GTS), gained 101,000 in net additions.