Macro Games and T-Mobile Poland to offer mobile games

Macro Games, Polish company operating in the games and electronic entertainment market, signed a framework agreement with telco T-Mobile Polska on the cooperation during production and distribution of mobile games. The telecom operator will pay the Wroclaw-based company a monthly wage depending on the number of game users. Under the agreement, Macro Games agreed to release a mobile game in collaboration with T-Mobile in January/February 2017. The game was developed by Macro Games in cooperation with American Big Blue Marble.

In the first three quarters of 2016, Macro Games generated PLN 3.8m (€864,000) in sales revenues (compared to PLN 4.1m, or €932,000, in the corresponding period in the previous year) and PLN 1.3m (€259,000) net profit (compared to PLN 113,300, or €26,000, in the period January-September 2015). In September 2016, when Macro Games announced the negotiations with a telecom operator, the company stated that such cooperation can significantly increase the sales revenues generated by the game.