MCI requested for an approval of acquisition of ATM

Office of Competition and Consumer Protection in Poland informed that MCI.PrivateVentures FIZ, a subsidiary of MCI Capital SA, requested for an approval of the acquisition of ATM (the owner of Atman data center).

In November 2016, MCI signed an agreement with ATP FIZ AN (a fund belonging to Tadeusz Czichon) that allows MCI to buy shares and take control over the largest Polish data centre operator.

In January 2017, MCI obtained the right to repurchase shares from Sylwester Biernacki, the CEO of ATM. The three parties have now, respectively, 30% (MCI), 25% (Czichon) and 2% (Biernacki) shares of ATM. Additionally, in January, pursuant to an agreement with Tadeusz Czichon, MCI had to announce a tender for the purchase of 10.5% shares of ATM, so that together it will have 66% shares of the company.