Nordisk Polska: CDMA 450 MHz for emergency response teams

Nordisk, the subsidiary of Polish mobile operator Polkomtel (part of Cyfrowy Polsat Group), started providing services in CDMA technology at 450 MHz frequency for Pomeranian Regional Office. Nordisk will provide digital dispatch communications services. Under the agreement, Nordisk completed the installation of dispatch consoles and delivered active terminals. Terminals and dispatch consoles will be used by emergency response teams (in control rooms and ambulances).

In 2016, Nordisk provided communications services during the World Youth Days in Krakow. For the purpose of WYD 2016, the company rented approx. 1,600 dispatch terminals for institutions supporting the organization of the event. Nordisk Poland, CDMA network operator in Poland, provides voice communication services in non-public, closed dispatch network. Professional dispatch communication is carried out on dedicated voice terminals using the PTT system (Push to talk). It allows the simultaneous communication between users in a one-to-many mode.