Smartphones top the list of consumer electronics shopping in CEE

Smartphones remain on the top of the shopping list among the customers from Central and Eastern Europe when taking into account consumer electronics. The survey commissioned by ABC Data, (Polish IT distributor), which included eight CEE countries: Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary and the Baltic States, shows that in the next three months the high percentage of people will be willing to buy hardware or consumer electronics. Even as much as 96% in Romania plans to buy equipment in Q1 2017, but the figure is above 70% for all countries surveyed.


The number of customers wanting to buy a smartphone is the highest in Romania (41%) and Hungary (33%), while only 18% of Czechs are willing to buy such an equipment. The respondents in the Czech Republic are much more interested in household appliances (35%), which are also popular in Romania (39%). In the near future laptops will also sell well, especially in Slovakia (29%) and Romania (28%). Those three categories are followed by home electronics, accessories and printers. Printers and tablets are less popular, reaching respectively only 6% and 9% in Hungary. At the same time, 14% of Poles are willing to buy a printer in the next 3 months and 17% of Romanians want to buy a tablet. PCs are wanted by 6-8% of respondents in each CEE country, except from Romania, where 13% of people plan to make such a purchase.


In the second half of 2017, home appliances will become more popular than smartphones, reaching even 39% in Hungary. Home electronics and smartphones will be still popular in most CEE countries apart from Slovakia (where laptops, accessories and printers gained 12-13% each) and Baltics.


Most of the respondents plan to spend €226-€1130 on the purchase, except from Hungarians and people from Baltic countries.

Spending on hardware or consumer electronics in the next 3 months, selected CEE countries 2017 (%)
ABC Data, 2017
  Czech Republic Baltics Poland Romania Slovakia Hungary
<€25 3 28 20 4 1 12
€26-€110 13 5 12 11 15 27
€111-€225 24 16 15 21 18 19
€226-€450 27 16 23 35 23 24
€451-€1130 27 18 26 22 32 16
€1131-€2270 5 12 4 6 6 2
>€2270 2 6 0 1 5 1