Poland home to the highest number of IoT resellers in CEE

Only 8% of EMEA resellers are offering IoT resale or services, according to a report by compuBase. The market watcher's research compares the number of partners who claim to offer IoT services or solutions with other IT resellers in the compuBase. The current database for EMEA contains at least 109,395 partners, out of which 8,724 partners claim to have IoT skill sets, or to work in resale of IoT solutions.

According to the report, Poland is home to the highest number of IoT adopters in the CEE region, with 219 IoT resellers. However, in Czech Republic the overall percentage of partners working with these solutions is the largest (8.5%). On the other hand, the percentage of IoT partners is the lowest in Russia, with only 4% of all IT resellers offering such solutions.

130649.png?40The largest number of IoT partners present on the EMEA market are telecom and network infrastructure integrators, representing 16% of all IoT resellers. At the same time, those reselling hardware, software and services to businesses show the lowest penetration rate of IoT skills (3.8%). The greatest percentage of active partners with IoT skill sets (21%) are targeting the logistics market, followed closely by the military and chemical sectors (19%). The compuBase report also claims that IoT solutions still pose high risk to IT resellers because it is a relatively new segment of the market. Currently, mainly large companies in the CEE region create, develop and introduce IoT solutions to the market.