Netflix reaches 1.7% of Polish internet users on PCs

2016 was the first year of Netflix presence on the Polish VoD market. The service is still not very popular in Poland, with its website reaching 1.7% of all internet users. In January 2016, Netflix website was visited by almost 338,000 Polish internet users on PCs, which accounted for 1.5% of the total number of internet users in Poland. In February 2016, the number of Poles visiting dropped to less than 74,000 (then most of the users ended the first, free-of-charge month of the subscription). During the next seven months, the number of internet users visiting the service remained relatively stable and amounted to 113,000. The number of Polish internet users visiting the website reached 251,000 in September and 326,000 in October. At the end of the year, Netflix was reaching 386,000 internet users, which means the range of 1.65% of all internet users in December.

In the second half of 2016, Netflix systematically widened its offer with subtitled and dubbed films, making its products more accessible to the average internet user in Poland. Data from December shows that Netflix is slightly more popular among Polish women (52.9%). The largest group visiting are internet users aged 25-34 (38.7%), 35-44 (22.5%) and 45-54 (16.2%). People from Mazovia region visited the website most willingly, almost every fifth internet user visiting Netflix came from this area (19.3%). At the same time, the residents of large cities (with a population of over 500,000) accounted for more than a quarter (27.2%) of internet users who visited the website in December.