Public administration in Poland to hire IT specialists

The public sector in Poland will implement IT projects using their own or hired IT specialists, rather than outsource the whole projects to IT companies, believes Puls Biznesu. It is suggested by recent tenders for IT body leasing announced by state entities. The largest one was announced by Center for Informatics Technology (COI), an organisation established by the Ministry of Digital Affairs. COI plans to hire over 600 IT experts for three years for a total sum of PLN 116m. In the last quarter, a similar decision was taken by, among others, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Justice, Polish Police Headquarters and Agricultural Market Agency. The industry representatives confirm an increased interest in IT outsourcing in the public sector, which could lead to a fundamental change in the public procurement market.

Those companies which specialise in the outsourcing of IT specialists (apart from IT companies they would include shared services centers and body leasing agencies) will benefit from this change. According to one Polish IT company, the current model of implementing IT projects in the public sector has ended and IT outsourcing allows for more efficient implementation of tasks.

Thus, integration companies must be prepared for a decrease in the revenues from the public sector. So far, those enterprises benefited most from the computerization in public administration, winning many tenders financed from public and EU funds. Unofficially, Polish integrators claim that the public administration do not have the competencies necessary to manage large IT projects. Assigning the role of integrator to officials may turned out to be a failure, which will even prolong the bad situation on the public market.