Number of data centres owned by public administration in Poland exceeds 140

Data centres owned by public administration in Poland are today a burden for the insitutions as they generate very high costs, believes Leszek Masniak, chief data officer at the Ministry of Digitization, as reported by

According to the Ministry of Digitization, currently there are 146 data centers in 46 locations with a total area of ​​5,987 m2 (1,340 racks) at the disposal of the public administration. This figure does not include the resources of local government units nor the National Centre for Nuclear Research, whose facilities are two times larger than the ones for public administration.

Masniak believes that the government does not take into account the effectiveness of data management. For example, there are no principles governing the way in which facilities could be shared. In his view, sharing data centre space by two different adiministrative units is almost impossible today, because it is difficult establish the terms of sharing the costs. Currently, the needs of Polish public administration are much smaller than their data centre resources. In Masniak’s opinion, national data centers should be present in 5-7 locations with a total area of around 500 m2 (200 racks).