Polish people owe telecom companies PLN 822m

Over 345,000 people in Poland are debtors of telcos, reported KRD Economic Information Bureau. They have over 488,000 unpaid telephone bills with a total value of over PLN 822m. Almost 33% of all debtors come from villages and small cities with up to 10,000 inhabitants. Men account for nearly 60% of all people who do not pay their bills on time. It appears that people at the age of 26-35 usually do not pay their invoices. They should pay ca. 30% of the overall debt. On the other hand, retired people are the most dutiful, because they owe telecom companies only PLN 48m, which is 5% of the overall debt. People living in Silesia, Mazovia and Lower Silesia voivodships are the most indebted, their obligations reaching PLN 312m. Debts concern not only unpaid bills for using the internet, phone conversations and penalties for breaking agreements, but also contracts signed by customers who want to get devices (laptops, tablets, smartphones) which they do not intend to pay.