Growing expenses on mobility market in CEE

Expenditures on the mobility market in Central and Eastern Europe will grow within five years, reported International Data Corporation (IDC). Revenues on business and consumer market will grow from $60.9bn in 2016 to $64.7bn in 2020. The majority of money will be spent on connectivity services. While 36% of spending will be allocated to devices sales (laptops, smartphones), software spending will account for roughly 1% of the market, yet it will be the fastest growing category. On the other hand, banking is the fastest-growing vertical market, with a CAGR forecast at 6.1%. Micro companies will be focused on purchasing hardware and services. They will generate ca. 84% of mobility revenues. At the same time, big market players will spend money on software.

Mobility Spending Growth by Industry (%), CAGR 2016-2020
IDC, 2017
Sector  Growth y-o-y
Banking 6.1
Resource Industries 5.6
Insurance 5.1
Federal/Central Government 4.8
Process Manufacturing 4.6
Others 1.1