Three quarters of Czechs use the internet

About 6.7m inhabitants (76.5%) of the Czech Republic aged 16+ used the internet in 2016, reports The number of Czechs who have never used the internet reached about 1.6m. They were mainly unemployed, old or with basic education. About 77% of users surf the internet every day or almost every day, about 1-5 hours per week. Ca. 38% of young users under 24 years used the internet for more than 20 hours weekly. The most popular devices which connected to the internet are notebooks, desktop computers and mobile phones. The last ones were used mostly by youngsters. According to the Czech Statistical Office (CSU), almost all internet users (94%) used the internet to communicate by e-mail, and more than 50% used online social networking services. On the other hand, the percentage of phone calls over the internet is decreasing year on year and in 2016 it reached 40%.