Poland and Lithuania leaders in daily e-commerce use

Polish people use contactless payments three times more frequently (23%) than other Europeans, according to the latest Mastercard’s report, Masterindex 2017. Poland is also the leader in everyday e-commerce use with 9%. It is 3 p.p. more than the European average. Bulgaria, another CEE country, has one of the lowest weekly e-commerce use, reaching 17%, which is 8 p.p. less than the European average. Additionally, about half of Bulgarians use e-commerce less than once a month. Most respondents shop online once a month – in Europe this figure reaches 23%, in Poland it is 25%. Every second Pole buys clothes or shoes via the internet, but only 17% of them book hotels and 14% book flights or rail tickets. Croats are the least likely to book a long distance travel via the internet. On the other hand, they lead in Europe when it comes to buying clothing, accessories or footwear from cross-border websites. In this category Poland is ranked on the last place. Polish people pay for shopping using online banking. A half of Polish people own a payment card. They prefer debit cards (78%) rather than credit cards (30%).