Poland: drop in average time spent on watching TV

A statistical Pole watched TV for 4 hours 22 minutes in 2016, according to the National Broadcasting Council (KRRiT). This period was about 2 minutes shorter than in 2015, the first drop since a few years. Despite the fact that 65.2% of Polish people still subscribe pay TV, more and more people watch programmes using catch-up TV rather than traditional television. The number of VOD users rose by 7m in the past five years, and the large increases were seen in 2016 in the number of player.pl (+53.4%) and vod.tvp.pl (+76.7%) users. Furthermore, Poles are watching programmes on live TV for 78 minutes daily, on demand TV for 14 minutes, desktops for 35 minutes, tablets for 14 minutes and smartphones for 38 minutes.