Poles watch videos 4 hours a day

A statistical Pole spends about four hours daily watching video content, according to a study by PwC, reports wirtualnemedia.pl. About 62% of respondents do this on their mobile devices. The most popular online video service in Poland is YouTube, with 74% of viewers, and it is followed by ipla.tv, player.pl, cda.pl and VOD.pl. Over 45% of viewers prefer to watch live TV programmes. However, ca. 43% of users claim, that there are too many TV channels. Almost 75% of them would prefer to build their own TV channel offer, with about 10-15 channels, but nearly half of respondents do not want to pay more than PLN 5 (€1.2) per one channel. Ca. 57% of viewers opt for not watching whole channels, but rather particular programmes. Furthermore, most respondents will be willing to watch commercials in return for free access to a VOD service.