Romania: 78% growth in fixed connection speeds in 2016

The average fixed broadband internet download speed in Romania grew by 78%, to 95 Mbps in 2016, reports ANCOM. The average download speed for mobile connections rose by 35% to 26 Mbps. When it comes to the average upload speeds, they increased to 78.8 Mbps (+46%) for fixed broadband connections and to 10.3 Mbps (+23%) for mobile ones. RCS&RDS, one of the biggest telcos in Romania, offers the highest average internet speeds. The download speed in the operator’s network reaches 109.6 Mbps, and upload speed is 101.8 Mbps. The runner-up is UPC Romania, with 96 Mbps for download speed and 14.1 Mbps for upload. In the mobile segment, Orange Romania was the leader, followed by Vodafone and Telekom Romania, offering 32.6 Mbps for download and 11.8 Mbps for upload.