CEE: 4.5% growth in PC shipments in Q1 2017

The delivery of traditional PCs in CEE countries in Q1 2017 rose by 4.5% in comparison to Q1 2016, according to IDC. The largest growth was recorded in the notebook market (by 11.7% y-o-y), where both consumer (+8.1% y-o-y) and commercial segments increased thanks to previous quarter backlogs and recovery in the eastern region. This healthy growth was observed despite increases in the stock intake at the end of 2016, connected with anticipated rise in component prices. The desktop market experienced further decreases by 7.7% y-o-y. In Q1 2017, the growth in the PC shipments grew by 3.1% in Western Europe, yet the figure differed widely between countries, reaching 8.2% y-o-y in France and -7.9% y-o-y in the UK. The supply of PCs in the whole EMEA region increased by 1.6%, reaching 17.4m devices. HP remained the leader in the shipments in Q1 2017 with a 25.7% share in the market, followed by Lenovo (20.6%) and Dell (12.0%).