Digital Poland: second tender completed

On 19 May Digital Poland Projects Centre (CPPC) announced the completion of the evaluation procedure for applications for funding under the Operational Programme Digital Poland (POPC). It has been the largest tender for co-financing of telecom infrastructure in Poland from EU funds so far. The total value of co-financing available in the second tender amounted to PLN 3.15bn (€754m). Out of 144 submitted applications (67 areas), projects covering 58 areas were approved. This means that 73% of all tender areas will be covered during the program provided that all chosen contractors sign agreements with CPPC. The amount of co-financing provided for the projects reached PLN 2.03bn (€486m), while the three largest beneficiaries (Nokia/Infra Capital and Polish telcos: Netia and Orange) will receive about three-quarters of this amount. Owing to the tender, around 1.4m homes will be passed with broadband internet at a minimum speed of 100 Mbps.