Orange the only Polish operator to implement RLAH

Orange Poland is the only Polish operator to comply (at least partially) with the new EU regulations, which aims at abolishing roaming charges in the EU countries starting from mid-June. Mobile operators were obliged to present new roam-like-at-home tarrifs by 15 May. Plus (Polkomtel operator) failed to provide such a price list, while other large Polish MNOs, Play (P4 operator) and T-Mobile Poland, decided not to fully eliminate roaming fees. Depending on the type and conditions of offers, subscribers can or cannot use packages of roaming services (charged on annual basis) included in the basic fee. Simultaneously, mobile data packages are usually excluded. At the same time, Orange introduced the same rates as domestic ones in its post-paid offers, while the possibility of benefiting from RLAH is limited in its pre-paid offers.

The new roaming rules are not favorable for Polish operators, as prices of mobile services are relatively cheap in the country, which means that meeting RLAH rules will equal considerable costs (Orange declared that they may amount to around PLN 50m, €12m, in H2 2017). As stated in the new regulation, operators will be provided with an opportunity to ask the regulator for the compensation for roaming services if those will be provided below cost.