Orange Polska to pass additional 1.5m homes with its fibres

Orange Polska decided to extend its program related to building optical networks in Poland. By 2020 Orange expects to have 5m homes passed with its fibre optic network, with comparison to 2m households in the first half of 2017. Thus, the operator will earmark around PLN 2.8bn (€667m) for this project in the years 2018-2020. Investments in the optical network will enable the achievement of operational targets in the B2C market, which is, expanding the convergent customer base by 1-1.5m by 2020, adding 300,000-600,000 new TV services customers and 550,000-700,000 new FTTH clients. The strategy is based on the organic growth rather than acquisitions.

Additionally, Orange wants to have 3m SIM cards in the B2B segment at the end of 2020. The operator expects that by the end of 2020, more than a half of its SME customers will subscribe to more than one Orange service (currently – 24%). This will be due to, among others, the growth in the FTTH network range, which is expected to reach at least 40% of companies in Poland by 2020. Orange also wants to increase the sale of ICT services, with its value in 2020 expected to be two times higher than now. The operator will soon launch cloud services. Next year, Orange also plans to introduce commercial IoT services to its offer.