News for ICT (IT & telecommunications) market

  • IT salaries continue to grow in Poland

    There is a growing demand for contract IT staff in Poland, according to the report by Hays Poland. On the other hand, the problems with employing skilled IT developers result in the development of outsourcing services. Hays believes that the number of employees preferring a contract over an… »

  • Small companies not willing to invest in new technologies

    "Connected Small Business Report 2016" conducted in the US in November 2016 among 304 small companies (employing less than 100 people) for Salesforce shows that the technology gap between small and medium-sized & large companies is widening. Similar conclusions can be drawn from the… »

  • T-Mobile Poland with 10,370 base stations

    T-Mobile Poland, part of Deutsche Telekom Group, has recently published a presentation summarizing its operations in 2016. At the end of 2016, T-Mobile had 10,370 base stations, including 7,000 operating in the LTE1800 network (a growth by 380 in 2016), 2,100 in the LTE800/2600 network (all of them… »

  • ranked among Poland’s top three data centre providers

    Paweł Olszynka,
    Head IT&Telecoms Analyst, PMR

      Last week PMR visited the newest data centre of – Data Center 2. The company's first data centre, offering a net floor space of 384 m², was constructed in Poznan in 2007. It is located in the city centre, in the underground (Level -2) of the shopping centre… »

  • EBRD reduces stake in Polish Cyfrowy Polsat

    The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) reduced its stake in Cyfrowy Polsat, Polish pay TV operator and the owner of mobile telco Polkomtel, selling 50% of its stake. This sale reflects the company’s successful development and ERBD’commitment to it. The shares,… »

  • Almost 2m Poles access the internet only via mobile apps

    Already 1.7 million Polish internet users use mobile applications only and not visit the websites, according to the survey conducted in Debcember 2016 by Gemius/PBI. The most popular mobile application is Google (52.5% of reach), which precedes YouTube (48%), Messenger (39.5%) and Facebook (34.2%).… »

  • 3S Data Center acquires 50% of shares in IT outsourcing company

    3S Data Center, part of 3S Group, purchased 50% of shares in itWorks, specialising in outsourcing and IT integration. The remaining 50% of shares was acquired by Euvic, a group of smaller Polish IT companies.   All shares were acquired from Polish Enterprise Fund, private equity fund… »

  • Prime Minister's Office in Poland to invite tenders for mobile services

    Government Administration Centre in Poland (a unit subordinate to the Prime Minister's Office) published a preliminary announcement of a tender for mobile services for the government administration. The tender will take place in spring and will cover 140 organizational units, such as government… »

  • Evio withdraws thematic TV packages from its offer

    Starting from 1 February 2017, Evio - the operator of the wholesale IPTV services - is changing its offer. Until now, the company offered two basic packages for PLN 24.90 for clients () and PLN 54.90 (), which could be supplemented by nine thematic and premium packages. From next month, four basic… »

  • Value of IT tenders in Poland fell by PLN 4bn

    In 2016, the number of tenders and orders for services and deliveries associated with the IT industry amounted to 10,383. Out of which, 9 298 public procurements were directly related to the IT industry (not linked to other sectors). The value of all procurements in 2016 amounted to nearly PLN 4 bn… »