News for ICT (IT & telecommunications) market

  • Romania: 78% growth in fixed connection speeds in 2016

    The average fixed broadband internet download speed in Romania grew by 78%, to 95 Mbps in 2016, reports ANCOM. The average download speed for mobile connections rose by 35% to 26 Mbps. When it comes to the average upload speeds, they increased to 78.8 Mbps (+46%) for fixed broadband connections and… »

  • Poland: drop in average time spent on watching TV

    A statistical Pole watched TV for 4 hours 22 minutes in 2016, according to the National Broadcasting Council (KRRiT). This period was about 2 minutes shorter than in 2015, the first drop since a few years. Despite the fact that 65.2% of Polish people still subscribe pay TV, more and more… »

  • Comarch acquires Geopolis

    Polish software provider and integrator of advanced IT services and software, Comarch, took over 100% of shares in Polish company Geopolis, specialising in the computerisation of public administration. Comarch acquired copyrights for ERGO software, which enables the distribution of the solution in… »

  • RCS&RDS: 38% growth in the mobile customer base

    Romanian fixed internet and pay TV operator, RCS&RDS, attracted 38% more mobile telephony customers in Q1 2017 than in Q1 2016, according to the National Authority for Management and Regulation in Communications (ANCOM), reports RCS&RDS gained over 145,200 mobile customers… »

  • TransTeleCom enters IPTV market in Russia

    Russian telco, TransTeleCom (TTK), controlled by Russian Railways, entered the country’s IPTV market, reports Kommersant. TTK will cooperate with LifeStream, a high-tech company offering solutions for a cross-platform cloud TV service and VOD service. TTK already provides its… »

  • Tele2 to launch 4G network in Krasnoyarsk

    Russian alternative operator, Tele2, plans to launch the first 4G network segments in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, reports LTE network in the frequency range of 1800 MHz is already available in Kansk and Lesosibirsk. It enables subscribers to use high-speed mobile internet in the 4G… »

  • High speed internet for the Czechs up to 2020

    About CZK 11.55bn (€425.3m) is available from European Union to cover the costs of ensuring high speed internet in the Czech Republic, according to The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MPO) encourages entrepreneurs to apply for funds from the Operational Program Enterprise and… »

  • Hungary: rise in IPTV and cable subscriptions

    The interest in cable and IPTV services in Hungary is rising, according to National Media and Infocommunications Authority (NMHH). The number of cable and IPTV subscribers reached over 2.3m in February 2017, which was almost 4% more than in the corresponding period in 2016. Furthermore,… »

  • Poland: 15% drop in PC sales at the beginning of 2017

    Computer sales in Poland dropped by 15.3% y-o-y at the beginning of 2017, according to Context. It is associated with a low demand for desktops in companies, which decreased by 14%. Consolidated sales of consumer-targeted PCs in Europe dropped by 4% y-o-y in January and February, while the… »

  • Number of online buyers of smartphones increased by 26% in 2016

    Smartphones took the largest share (24.5%) of internet sales of digital and computer equipment last year, according to research by RBC on the Russian online sales market for digital technology in 2016. At the same time, laptops came in second at 12.7%, followed by computers at 11.5%. Smartphones… »