News for ICT (IT & telecommunications) market

  • Remaining SMARTS assets acquired by Megafon

    Megafon, one of the largest telecom operators in Russia, purchased the remaining three subsidiaries of regional operator SMARTS for RUB 780m (€12.6m), according to All assets of SMARTS cost RUB 6.53bn (€105.4m). Megafon bought these three companies (SMARTS-Ulyanovsk,… »

  • HAWE Telekom: 8Tb/s till Q3 2017

    HAWE Telekom, a company providing telecommunications services for other telcos, purchased in 2016 a new data transmission system from Huawei, reported It cost PLN 2.4m (€562,136). The company is currently implementing the DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division… »

  • Netia’s networks under modernisation

    Polish telecom operator, Netia, started modernisation of its traditional copper network, reported Polish Press Agency (PAP). Since the beginning of March 2017, the optical fibre networks were provided to about 120,000 households and several hundred of clients can already benefit from… »

  • Poland’s Alior Bank to invest in IT solutions

    Alior Bank, one of the four biggest banks in Poland, within the framework of “Digital Rebel” project, plans to spend PLN 400m (€93.6m) on IT over the period 2017-2020, according to Alior Bank wants to invest in artificial intelligence and cloud computing.… »

  • Exatel: who wins the battle?

    Two Polish state-owned companies, Research and Academic Computer Network (NASK) and Polish Armaments Group (PGZ) can be willing to acquire Exatel, a telecommunications service provider, reported As reported by the newspaper, NASK has recently requested for the audit of the company,… »

  • Polish ICT companies expanding west

    The export value of Polish ICT services rose from PLN 13.4bn (€3.11bn) in 2015 to PLN 16.6bn (€3.85bn) in 2016, reported Central Statistical Office of Poland (GUS). The export of Polish ICT services increased mainly in the US, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands and Ireland. In the US… »

  • Akamai’s State of the Internet Q4 2016 report

    Akamai has recently published its State of the internet Q4 2016 report, including the data gathered from across Akamai Intelligent Platform. The report covers internet connection speeds and broadband adoption across both mobile and fixed networks. When it comes to the fixed-line networks in… »

  • Action: PLN 156.9m net loss in 2016

    According to the preliminary results, Action, one of the biggest Polish IT distributors, generated PLN 3.16bn (€733m) in sales revenue in 2016 and PLN 156.8m (€36m) net loss. Detailed data were not published yet. In 2015 sales revenue reached PLN 5.3bn (€1.2bn). The management… »

  • Polish people owe telecom companies PLN 822m

    Over 345,000 people in Poland are debtors of telcos, reported KRD Economic Information Bureau. They have over 488,000 unpaid telephone bills with a total value of over PLN 822m. Almost 33% of all debtors come from villages and small cities with up to 10,000 inhabitants. Men account for… »

  • Growing expenses on mobility market in CEE

    Expenditures on the mobility market in Central and Eastern Europe will grow within five years, reported International Data Corporation (IDC). Revenues on business and consumer market will grow from $60.9bn in 2016 to $64.7bn in 2020. The majority of money will be spent on connectivity services.… »